Introduction to the Prophets, more than foretelling the future, telling us how to live

In our introduction to the Prophets, we learned that though we often think about them as primarily telling us about the future, that is not their primary message. Though fulfilled prophecy confirmed their divine inspiration and origin, it makes up a small percentage of their message.

Their primary message to their audience and to us today is how to live to please God. This lesson was an introduction to this approach. Below is a video of the PowerPoint presentation. Following it are notes of presentation and a chart overview of the chronology of the Prophets.

Be sure and join us (or come back to this website) each week as we continue to study the prophets individually and learn God’s plan for our lives.

Image of Chart about Prophets

Here is a chart that shows the correct date for the writing of the Prophets. Click on the image to download a PDF of it.

Notes for Intro on the Prophets

This is a PDF of the notes for the Introduction to the Prophets Video. Click on it to download the PDF.

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