Class notes from Lesson on Obadiah and Jonah

Jonah & Obadiah notes

Click on the image to download the PDF of the notes.

Though most people are familiar with Jonah, you may not have thought about his story in  in combination with Obadiah, but both books are about how God expects us to treat people who are unkind to us.

He wants us to treat them with mercy and leave the vengeance to Him.

Of course it isn’t easy,  but when we do this, it is a powerful witness that Jesus is Lord. Anyone can be hateful to enemies, to be at peace and allow God to bring justice (and perhaps not in this life)–to live like that is what takes the power of God.

On this page are both notes for you to download and a PDF that is a full 8.5 x 11 reproduction of the PowerPoint presentation. Click on either image to download them.

Obadiah & Jonah Power Point

Click on image to download the full-size PowerPoint presentation

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