Trinity #3–How the Persons of the Trinity relate to one another, a brief history of Modalism and other false views

The Baptism of Jesus is one of the clearest Biblical pictures of the Trinity: Jesus was baptized, God the Father spoke and the Holy Spirit descended. All three Persons present and interacting; all One God.

From our Bible-based study of the Trinity, we have established so far that all three members of the Trinity are God and all three are Persons. Having said that, how do these persons exist? This was one of the early and most important challenges for the early church to figure out because, in part because the church came from both strict Jews who believed in ONE God and pagans who believed in many gods. How were they to understand Jesus?

For the first almost 500 years the church worked to clarify this truth. They did this in large measure through various church councils and the resulting creeds that came from them. This week we will look briefly at church history to understand their thought processes and ultimate decisions.

In the church today we stand on the foundation of careful study of wise Biblical scholars of the past and I hope this brief view of them will inspire you to study the church councils in more detail.

Study the Trinty #3 notes

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