Our Adversary #2 –The Deception of Demons


Our culture makes Satan and his demons the stuff of cartoons–but that is a lie. Check out the notes this week so you will be wise and not fall pray to the enemy’s deception.

Much of what contemporary Christians believe about demons is incorrect. Instead of being based on the Bible, much is based on 19th and 20th century Spiritualism—seances, speaking with the dead, and the portrayal of demons in the media and movies today.

Some of the misconceptions we talked about include:

  • Demons are not the souls of departed spirits, as psychics and mediums would have you believe
  • Also, demons are not in hell, nor are they tormenting people in hell and they are not throwing parties going on there.

Check out the notes below to see our biblical basis for what is correct and what isn’t about demons. Next week we’ll be looking at how to develop discernment in the spiritual warfare we fight daily. Join us on Sunday, 9 am in Room 103!

Click on either image to download a PDF.

If you click on the full-page image, the PDF will download and you can click through the images.

Adversry #2 Full size slidesAdversary #2 Notes

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