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I am a writer and teacher for Jesus. I founded Effective Church Communications and continue to be primary content creator for it. Love teaching the Bible and being involved Orchard Community Church. Married to Paul Prehn and live in Ventura, CA.

A Christmas letter you can use to share Jesus with friends and family

Christians know that Jesus is the reason for the season of Christmas, but sometimes we are at a loss in how to share it with friends and family. One easy way you can do this is to use the Christmas letter, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing…but why?”

This letter takes the popular carols and uses it to challenge people to consider Jesus as Savior. On the back of the letter are website resources for people to explore the Christian faith. Below are images of the front and the back side of the letter. CLICK HERE or on either image to download a PDF that you can print.

You could of course, put anything you want on the back side of the letter–personal notes from you, special invitations to events or teaching at your church.

Whatever you do, please take time to share this–someone’s eternity could be changed because of it.

Christmas Letter for SS Class 2012_Page_1Christmas Letter for SS Class 2012_Page_2

Halloween outreach card, give out with Halloween candy or anytime in the coming week

The Bible tells us to “make the most of every opportunity” and though it may seem odd to some, Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to share the gospel.

It doesn’t matter what your church does or doesn’t do as outreach–many of you will have dozens of kids and families from your neighborhood coming by your house for Halloween. They will take whatever you put into their goodie bags.

Of course you want to give out wonderful candy, but in addition, put in a gospel tract, a business card size, thought-provoking message about life, death, and Jesus.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE below to go to a free download–print it off at home and give them out.

Halloween Outreach Card, Side ONE

This card can be printed at home or church and used anywhere to get people to think about life after death and Jesus.

For more materials you can use for Halloween outreach including larger, full-color cards, videos you can download and share, event registrations and follow-up, click on the image below. PLEASE share these links with your friends and PRAY that Halloween will be a time that people will think about the realities of life and death and the vital importance of an eternal relationship with Jesus.

CLICK HERE to go to links for Halloween Resources

CLICK HERE to go to links for Halloween Resources–full-color handouts, follow-up materials, videos you can copy and use. Make the most of this opportunity to share your faith, your church, your Savior.

Halloween video: link, copy, use for outreach

Following are two versions of a video I created to help people consider Jesus at Halloween. It is a natural time to do that because people are thinking about ghosts, death and all things supernatural. You can click the “share” command on the video to download the code to put on your website or to link to.

Study guide for Colossians

The book of Colossians in our New Testament is all about Jesus. It shows us in-depth, who he is and then challenges us based on that, how we should respond. If you want to be able to answer the confusing cults and spiritual systems in our world today, you need to know this book well because all of the false religions, at their core, have a false belief about Jesus.

To know the book well will require more than listening in class–you need to take time to read, reread and study the book on your own. This study guide will help you. It uses the Phillips translation, which is a very accurate Greek translation, but one that many people are not familiar with. In addition to reading it during the week, the guide also has questions for you to enable you to interact with the text, plus a place for you to record your thoughts and applications.

If you didn’t get a copy of it last week in class, you can download it below the video. First, take a minute to watch the video for a reminder of why studies like this are useful.

In addition to the teaching each week, we’ll post the lesson PowerPoints and notes on this site after class.

Click on the image here to download the PDF.

Review of Mormon Church vs. Biblical Christianity and links to additional resources

Our series on the Mormon Church was not about political issues or Mormon bashing–but an honest look at the beliefs of a religious system that uses the same words as the historical, biblical Christian faith, but that has, by their own writings, VERY DIFFERENT meanings in those words.

This is not a small issue, as the Bible clearly tells us that when we all meet Jesus one day, there will be some who will hear, “I never knew you–depart from me.”

That we put our faith into the real, historical Jesus is an issue of incredible importance. That we understand our historical, Bible-based faith well enough to know what makes it different from other faith systems is why we’ve done the class.

Our prayer is that you’ve learned why you believe what you believe from the class–and will be able to tell the difference between the historical, Biblical Christian faith and the many competing systems in our world. Check out the notes and additional resources below and grow strong in the true Christian faith.

Class notes from final review

Click on either image to download either full-page slides or notes. After the notes is a short video that overviews additional resource sites and finally there is a PDF page that you can download that has the site URLs shown in the video.

Final Mormon Review full-size notesFinal Mormon Review Notes

Video overview of Mormon apologetic sites:

Additional resources, websites and recommended books

Below is a list of PDF of links, just click on the image to download the list. In addition, here are a few of the books used for resources. There are many good books out today about the false teachings of the Mormon Church, but these are a good start. If you can only read one book, Mormonism 101 is the best one. Just click on an image to go to the amazon page for the book.

Mormon websites shown in videoAn excellent overview book on the topic.An accurate account of the bizarre history of the founder of the Mormon Church.Maze of MormonismKingdom of the Cults